Access to Mappoint services via Perl and SOAP::Lite

You can use Perl and SOAP::Lite directly to access the Mappoint services, but you can not use the WSDL files with that, because WSDL support of SOAP::Lite does not include complex data types (so far). So, this means a lot coding. Unless... you use an helper class like Mappoint::SOAP.

Mappoint::SOAP offers an easy API to access the Mappoint services and might save you a lot of time.


  • GetMap. Map with pushpins. source result
  • GetBoundingMap. Map with pushpins, but in this case, the image is automatic scaled and positioned, based on the given locations. source result
  • Get(Bounding)Map & imagemaps. Same as the previous example, except that in this case also an imagemap is created. The script prints the imagemap to stdout. The output is manualy added to the example html file. source result
  • FindAddress. This example shows how to obtain the latitude and longitude of a given address. It also demonstrates the "show()" method that gives you information about which data is available and how the data is structured. source result
  • FindAddress (2). This one is like the previous one, except that this one is also capable to find addresses in Europe. source result
  • .

Herald van der Breggen (email: mappoint at breggen. xxs4all. xnl)